Welcome to the Pathfinder Department.



In this department we educate the youth from ages 3 - 16 in the ways of God. We also do other activities such as marching/drilling, knot tying, tent building, camping, pioneering, etc. Upon achievement of each, they will be rewarded with a honour/badge which they wear proudly.

The Pathfinder club is designed for children aged 10 – 15 years. 
The Pathfinders programme encourages a wide range of activities from community outreach projects to attending international camps across the world. The Pathfinders programme has six curriculums levels, which are age-specific and designed to challenge children, including over 300 specialised, skill-development badges, involving household arts, outdoor industries, community work, health, science, arts and crafts, nature, recreation and vocational development. 
Adventurers Club is designed for children 6-9, and provides the opportunity for parents to learn and grow with their children. Using arts and crafts, outdoor activities, camping, field trips and by providing the chance for children to engage in community service projects, the club experience will enhance their natural abilities as well as open their eyes to a wider world view.
There are similar programmes available which provides opportunity for parents to learn & grow with their children are Little Lambs for children ages 4 years old and  Eager Beavers for children age 5 years old.'


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You can find the workbooks for all the Pathfinder classes here.


You can find the workbooks for all the Adventurer classes here. 

This Department is Led by: Sister Susan Mclean. 

Visit the British Union Conference Pathfinders website http://youth.adventistchurch.org.uk/uk-ireland-pathfinders