Health And Temperance


Health and temperance is one of the areas that the church is actively seeking to help its members and the community with. Our Health and Temperance department has over the years done some remarkable work in the Newham community. It has done many programs that have been recognized by the Newham Council.


This department is headed by: Sister Marcia Jones

In the Health Department, we aim to cater for body, mind and soul; we endeavour to cultivate the health of the whole person. As we educate people in this area, we hope they will share and spread this knowledge, encouraging others to a healthier a life style.


This is an acronym for a healthier life style (nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, air, rest and trust). An important part of Health Ministries is prevention. Early detection, screening and preventative interventions are promoted to help people protect against health risk. The department tries to keep updated on policies and targets, ensuring that good practice is implemented.

In order to promote health effectively,  the team have developed the following programmes:

1. Walking Classes for Men and Women.
2. Cooking Classes.
3. Health Seminars.
4. Regular Health Checks and Advice for the local community.